Foods that you should avoid in your 30s

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Foods that you should avoid in your 30s

As we age, we naturally start to think more about how to protect ourselves from cognitive decline. Keeping your brain active by continuing to learn new things and challenging yourself with games and puzzles is a great start. But diet also plays a part.

Apart from keeping your brain active you also need to worry about your looks. Nobody wants to look old with sagging skin when they turn 30. 30 doesn’t mean old age.

Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that the older we get the more collagen we lose hence the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin.

To achieve all these you need to watch your diet, what goes into your plate, the portions and how frequently do you consume it. Here is a list of food that you need to avoid or if you can’t fully avoid them, consume them in moderation.

White bread

When you were a kid, white bread was the only kind of bread you would eat. But you’re a grown-up now, and white bread has less nutritional value.

The white flour spikes your blood sugar and features almost none of the vitamins and minerals present in whole wheat. White bread also has less fibre than whole wheat, and at this age, you need more fibre to keep your digestive system functioning efficiently.

Fruit juice

When growing up, you probably had a juice box tossed into your lunch each day or you preferred to have juice opposed to taking a fruit. But even as an adult you may fall into the trap of thinking that juice is as healthy as fruit. It’s not.

When juice is extracted from fruit, all the beneficial fibre is left behind. Fibre helps regulate the rate at which sugar is dumped into your bloodstream, so pure juice ain’t the way to go.

Most commercial juices have added sugar, way beyond what is present in the fruit itself. They are also often pasteurized, which means that any heat-sensitive nutrients are destroyed before the product even hits store shelves.

You should probably try out smoothies with fibre for a healthy body.

Supermarket baked products.

Home-baked goodies are so much better than store-bought because you can enjoy them fresh from the oven, without that slight chemical aftertaste of preservatives.

It’s not that homemade goodies are super healthy, but commercially produced baked goods rely on hydrogenated oils to keep their products looking fresh for weeks. At least at home, you can control the ingredients and are likely to use way less sugar and butter.

Fast food

The French fries and burgers are always tasty and one can find it hard to not consume them. That additional fat in these products are not good for your body.

You might want to reconsider how frequent you consume fast food. For you to keep that skin looking young, glowing and beautiful, you need to make a sacrifice.