Five ways to move on after being “ghosted”

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Five ways to move on after being “ghosted”

You have probably been single for the longest time and then you meet this awesome person. You have been hanging out quite often, gone out on a couple of dates and the communication has been great and poof from nowhere, he/ she just disappears. They are no longer returning your calls, they have blocked you on all the social platforms and you just cant reach them.

Normally, the ghosted person tends to feel so frustrated and try to find answers to the questions, why did they disappear or did you offend them.

So what should you do if someone you like — friend, date, potential romantic partner pulls a disappearing act? Should you reach out and push them to explain, or simply accept the rejection and move on? Should you examine your own behavior, to try to understand what you might have done to create the problem? Do you need to figure out what’s wrong with the person who “ghosted” you?

  1. Avoid self blame

It is not your fault that the potential romantic partner grew cold feet and instead of communicating that, they opted to ghost you. So do yourself a favour and don’t allow that get into your head.

Self blame can be detrimental to you because it can affect your self esteem which will hurt you more. So don’t blame yourself for other peoples decisions.

2. Accept the reality

The reality is that you have been ghosted and there is nothing that you can do about it.

The sooner that you accept the bitter sweet truth the easier life gets for you. Forget the person and move on with life and have a great experience out of it.

3. Don’t make contact

I have probably been a culprit of this, the urge to always find out what went wrong is always to great hence the temptation to make that call.

Please don’t make contact he/she has ghosted you, collect the pieces, put them back together and move on dear.

4. Give yourself time to heal

After being ghosted, our friends always have the best advice, “girl move on you deserve better” that’s what some advice will sound like. In reality do they know what it takes to move on?

Take your sweet time to move on , give yourself time to heal then emerge out of the experience a better person.

5. Don’t isolate yourself

Irregardless of what happens, never isolate yourself from your friends. This is the time that you really need them.

Go out have fun with your girls and make the best memories. This reduces your chances of getting depressed , so don’t isolate yourself from your people.