Ethic’s song tarimbo deleted from You Tube

YouTube has officially cracked the whip on gengetone music group ethic after deleting their song ‘Tarimbo’ from its platform.

The song was deleted after concerns were raised that it advocates for rape and violence among women.

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua on his twitter page announced the news. A week earlier he had asked Google to take down the song.

Mutua had also called on DCI to arrest the music group for advocating for such impunity against women.

In his post he further warned them against violating YouTube channel policies, stating that they risk losing their YouTube channel.

Tarimbo is now totally deleted from @YouTube and the channel owner served first warning. After a third violation, the channel will be totally deactivated. We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children.” Read part of Ezekiel Mutua’s post.

Last week the Lamba lolo hit makers were forced to apologise to the public for releasing the controversial song ‘Tarimbo’.

The gengetone group took to twitter to apologise stating that they were sorry and never meant to disrespect anyone, especially women.

As Ethic Entertainment, we are truly remorseful for any dolor caused by the lyrics to our single, and for every single person that was triggered to a displeasing memory or emotion by it, receive our sincere apologies. Rest assured that no disrespect was intended”. Sid the group. As artists, we are sons to our mothers, brothers to our sisters, uncles to our nieces and friends to our female friends and fans, and it is not in any way our intention to publicize violence or rape against these highly revered individuals in our community,” they said.