Essential personal hygiene tips for your daughter

Essential personal hygiene tips for your daughter

Personal hygiene is one of the most important things about a person. Nobody would like to sit or live with an unkempt or stinking person, be it a man or a woman.

A woman is a very important person in the community. This is because they bring forth precious lives and are nurturers. For this reason, they should have a top-notch personal hygiene. This just doesn’t happen, this is a culture that needs to be instilled when young so that they grow up knowing the most essential things about their bodies.

When young girls are given essential personal hygiene tips, this stays with them until when they are old because this is the formative stages of life.

What are these personal hygiene tips that every young girl should be taught?


This is one of the most important lessons that will get to impart their whole lives. Teach your baby girl how to shower well, the key areas that she must pay attention to when showering.

Body parts that can be missed by little girls are the back of the ears, the neck, underneath nails, between toes and the bellybutton. Also, ensure that she properly washes her armpits.

Additionally, explain to her how to properly wash her intimate and backside area. Faecal matter that isn’t properly cleaned before each shower session needs to be properly washed off in the shower. In the same breath, she should always wipe from front to back after a long call until the tissue is clean, followed with baby wipes.

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Underwear cleaning

Ensure that your daughter never repeats a dirty pair of underwear. Explain to her that each time she gets dressed, she needs to wear a clean, dry pair of underwear.

Some children put on wet underwear for it to dry with the body’s heat. This is unsafe for girls in particular. The moisture increases the chances of fungus breeding in her intimate area.


Consider giving your daughter “the period talk” when she’s at least nine years old. Most girls begin their periods between the ages of 10-15 years. Talking to her ahead of her first period will prepare her for one of the biggest transitions that most women have to go through.

Avoid being too discreet, and at the same time, don’t be too graphic so as to not make her panic when the day comes. It would be wise to give her a mini pouch containing pads, a pair of clean underwear, pocket tissues and wet wipes. She should carry this pouch with her every day so that she stays ready for her first introduction to womanhood.


When your little girl starts transitioning to teenagehood, her body will go through certain changes that she might not know how to deal with. She’ll begin growing hair on her body, sweating more and producing more sebum, which can cause acne breakouts.

As a parent, this is the time that you got to tell her about these changes and encourage her to love her body and feel confident about it.

You can even go the extra mile to help her identify the best cologne to use and all the other lady stuff.