Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson writes eulogy, tears up in heartwrenching video to late father

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ has posted a heartwrenching video about details of his late father’s death.

The former wrestler took to his Instagram page where he sorrowfully lamented the fact that his father died without getting a chance to say goodbye.

“Didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him… I would give anything right now to give him a big old hug and a big old kiss before he crossed over and to just say, ‘Thank you, I love you and I respect you. But I didn’t get a chance to say that,” he said.

In the clip, he went on to talk about the pain of losing a parent.

The actor, 47 then went ahead to explain how his father Rocky Johnson who was at the time 75 died.

According to the actor, his father was unwell, and at the time was battling a cold and infection, which led him to develop deep vein thrombosis.

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This caused a blood clot in his leg which traveled up his lungs leading to a massive heart attack, killing the former WWE star instantly.

While concluding the video, The Rock had this to say of the bond that exists between father and son: “There’s so much about my old man and all his complexities that only me, as his son, can understand.”

Posting the video, besides it, he captioned: “Hard to express how deeply grateful I am for all your love, mana & support”

“My family and I thank you …

“Go hug your loved ones hard, while you still can.

“I love you. DJ ” #ripsoulman “.