Don’t mess with me, I’m a virgin – Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy (PHOTO/COURTESY)

Earlier this year Steven Otieno alias Stivo Simple Boy rose to fame after introducing to Kenyans his smashing hit Vijana Tuache Mihadarati, and since then he has been an internet sensation appearing on different shows.

Stivo has never shied from sharing his life story and experiences. In a recent interview with Radio Citizen Mambo Mseto, Stivo opened up on his relationship life revealing that he has never been romantically involved with any lady.

“I am waiting for marriage, I have never been involved with any woman. Good things wait,” he said.

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The star further said that he has been hit on by a number of ladies owing to his newly acquired fame. But according to Stivo he is not interested in any of them, adding that he would love a lady who is ‘God-fearing, respectful and honest.’

Asked whether he has a celebrity crush, the Inamuma hitmaker seems to have the hots for Tanzania’s Wema Sepetu.

The singer who once shared that he dropped out of school due to financial constraints, now says he plans to go back to study media.

 “Kupata karo ya kuenda shule ilikuwa ngumu sana; ma-time pia tulilala njaa, hakuna chakula tunapata. So ikipatakina tunakula, iki kosekana tunapenya tu hivyo. Niliachia class 8 juu karo haikuwa ya school fees saa ikabidi niachia hapo,” said Stevo, in an interview with a local daily.