Does size really matters?

Health and male sexuality concept. Mens denim pants crotch with banana imitating male genitals. Banana wrapped with yellow measure tape on jeans, selective focus. Jeans zipper and pocket, close up.

Does size really matters?

When women come together to discuss matters relationships, this is always a hot subject for them. Some responses from the ladies might come as a surprise.

Most ladies will claim to want/like the big guys down there but one would ask, how did you arrive at such a conclusion or why do you prefer that.

The society has created the perception that big is better because its only the big and thick penises that are flaunted around. Some women also don’t understand their bodies, hence not knowing whats good for them.

For all the reassurance from urologists, wives and girlfriends, the size doesn’t really matters,its how you use it that  matters.

Too big

The perception that big is better tends to hurt the society because its not true.

Too big means a lot of lube is required and more friction, that means that its going to hurt. big and long penises sometimes can hit the cervix during thrusting. This in turn makes the sex to be painful.

So ladies before you go saying that big is better, you need to think twice and know all that comes with that.

Too small

This might sound harsh but its true that some men are just too small. scientifically 6% of the men have micro penises.

This does not really matter, what matters is the skill that somebody uses to help achieve an orgasm. There are position that one can implement to make the experience  worthwhile..

For example the woman on top and the doggy style. these are some of the positions that can be used to help both parties enjoy the encounter.

Before writing him off

So before you write of that guy that you really like because he is small down there, you need to consider his ability to compensate for his short comings.Can he please you in other ways? that’s the question that yo need to ask.

What makes a man a good lover is him being attentive to your needs and being able to meet them.

Women should also do there part, it takes two to tango. Women should do kegel exercise. This helps to tighten the vaginal walls hence stronger contractions.

Inches doesn’t matter, it is what you do with what you have and how do you feel when you are together.