Could he be faking it?

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Could he be faking it?

Many men have faked an orgasm at least once in their lifetime. People often assume that its impossible for men to fake orgasm.

Both men and women are most likely to fake their orgasms when having sexual intercourse and not during other forms of sex. Pretenders tend to have a fixed view of sex. They think sex means intercourse, and intercourse should end in orgasms all around. This makes them feel under pressure to climax.

So how do they do it? A good question that this article will attempt to answer.

Men who do fake orgasms moan, less often than women, when they were faking it.

They rely on body movements like thrusting harder and faster or clenching their muscles as if they were about to come.

Others simply acted like they were spent or tired. A few guys simply told their partner ‘I’m coming baby, I’m coming!’ but in real sense, it was all an act.

While it’s plausible that men can fake his O’s, can he really pretend to cum? By all accounts, it’s pretty difficult. So as a guy you’ve got to have a work-around faking it in a condom.

Most men who have confessed to faking their orgasm admitted to discarding the used condoms faster before their partner can have a chance to look.

Other reasons given by men were that they wanted sex to end because they were tired or they didn’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings.