Benefits of showing chivalry to your wife and daughter

Benefits of showing chivalry to your wife and daughter

You might be wondering what chivalry is all about well, chivalry is the act of being very polite, honest, and kind behaviour, especially by men towards women. The home is the first learning ground for any child. This is why the environment in which a child grows up during the formative stages, plays a huge role in the child’s development.

Being a chivalrous man doesn’t portray weakness in fact, it is an admirable quality in men. with that being said and done, why is showing chivalry important and especially in the presence of children?

You’re showing your spouse and children that seeing the needs of others and serving them is important.

Your kids and your spouse need to see and will be inspired by your willingness to put there or any other human being’s needs above your own. They will be watching our actions, and our actions will teach them far more than our words.

You’re setting your daughter’s expectations.

You are the first male in her life, so you will be modelling for her the kind of things she should look for in a future husband.

What your daughter sees you do will impact what she looks for in a spouse. And when she sees you acting selflessly, your daughters will come to expect that in the young men she dates.

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You’re setting your son’s expectations.

You’re setting the pace for him by demonstrating what a man should do for a woman. Our sons are constantly asking the question “what does it look like to be a man?” And our culture offers fewer and fewer clear clues for them.

By your actions, you will be teaching him how to treat ladies out there and what’s acceptable and not.

You’re acknowledging for all to see that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

We roll our eyes when some public figures, like athletes and politicians and entertainers, live as if life is all about them. But we can be guilty of that as well when we forget common courtesies. By showing some chivalry, we remind ourselves and our family that life is rich and meaningful when we recognize that life does not revolve around us.