How to Apply for a Birth Certificate in Kenya


How to Apply for a Birth Certificate in Kenya

Registration of persons in Kenya is done under the office of the president in Kenya, the ministry of interior and co-ordination of National Government of Kenya, immigration and registrations of persons.

A child born in Kenya should be registered immediately after birth or within the first six months. This should be done by the parents or the designated guardians. Even if a child dies at birth, it still needs to be registered.

Details required in birth notification and registration include;

1. Name of the newly born baby 
2. Date and place of birth
3. Sex of the child
4. Type of birth (single/multiple) 
5. Nature of birth (alive/dead) 
6. Name, age and marital status, previous births to, residential area and district of mother
7. Name of father (for married couples) 
8. Signature of the applicant

Persons who qualify to register a newborn include: 

1. Parents/ guardians of a newly born baby
2. Rescue centers taking charge of newly born abandoned babies

Cost: NIL
Timelines:   Instant


For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020 Or visit nearest Huduma Centre Or Contact: Department of Civil Registration

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