Apart from clinching Kibra’s seat. . .”here are four things you didn’t know about Imran Okoth”


Imran Okoth has been making headlines for the past couple of weeks.

He was declared Friday the winner of the hotly contested Kibra seat, garnering 24, 636 votes.

The soft spoken politician as described by those close to him, is the brother of the late Ken Okoth.

But apart from being Ken’s brother, what else do you know about Imran? Here are things you did not know about Kibra’s elected Member of parliament;

He was raised by a single mother

After their father abandoned the family Imran and his brothers were raised by his mother Angeline.

Imran endorsed by Raila Odinga as party flag bearer PHOTO/COURTESY

Imran was born in Kibera, Kisumu ndogo

May be you might have thought that probably Imran clinched the Kibra seat because he belongs to a family with political influence. In contrast he came from a humble background.

He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Together with his siblings they husled their way to the limelight in Kibra slums.

He managed Kibra’s Constituency development fund (CDF) for years

While still alive his late brother Ken entrusted him as his right hand man. Later on charging him with the affairs of Kibra constituency as he went to seek medical help abroad.

Okoth during the campaign trail PHOTO/COURTESY

Imran is an introvert

People close to him describe him a person of action rather than words. And judging by how we have seen him react to skeptics online and during campaigns, he surely is a man of few words.

We also cannot rule out the fact that in spite him being married he has kept his family off the limelight. He surely likes to keep to himself. Only time will tell.