Amount of old Sh1,000 notes still held by Kenyans

Old Sh1,000 note, to be phased out by September 30. [Photo/Citizen TV]

Kenyans fail to return Sh7.4 billion of old Sh1,000 notes

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor Njoroge has confirmed that Kenyans are still harbouring Sh7,386,000 pieces of the old Sh1000 notes that are now worthless.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Njoroge also reported that about Sh209.7 billion old Ksh1,000 notes has been collected.

The Sh209 billion received will be shredded into briquettes.

He also stated that 3,172 suspicious transactions under probe.

September 30, 2019, was the deadline day for the usage of old Sh1,000 which has been in operation from 1994.