All Shopping Malls Along Limuru Road in Nairobi

We peek inside the Two Rivers Mall and other top shopping malls along Limuru Road in Nairobi.

Picture/Two Rivers

All Shopping Malls Along Limuru Road in Nairobi

Limuru Road leads to some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Kenya. The leafy suburbs of Parklands, Kitisuru, and Gigiri are residences of well-off Kenyans in Nairobi.

In equal measure, Limuru Road hosts the top shopping malls in the country. The following are the plush shopping establishments on Limuru Road;


1. Rosslyn Riviera Mall

    1. The Rosslyn Riviera Mall is a convenient, well-stocked mall located along Limuru Road in Nairobi.
    2. The Rosslyn Riviera surroundings evoke special charm and intimacy which give you the ultimate shopping experience.
    3. Other than housing over 30 stores, the Rosslyn Riviera Mall has free parking for visitors.
    4. Special entertainment at the food court within the Rosslyn Riviera Mall has proved to be a big attraction for visitors local and foreign.
    5. Some of the businesses/outlets inside the Rosslyn Riviera Mall include;
        1. Absa ATM
        2. CarStore
        3. Goodlife Pharmacy
        4. Java House
        5. Mr. Jeff
        6. NCBA Bank
        7. The Nairobi Hospital
        8. Nyumba Cinema
        9. Nextgen Molecular Lab
        10. Marigold Indian Restaurant
        11. Chandarana Foodplus
    6. Click here to view all stores at the Rosslyn Riviera Mall.


Picture/Rosslyn Riviera Mall


2. The Two Rivers Mall

    1. The Two Rivers Mall is certainly the best commercial and residential establishment in Kenya.
    2. The expansive mall sits along Limuru Road and it boasts the best modern office, retail and residential facilities.
    3. While it is known for its exceptional infrastructure and extraordinary entertainment, the Two Rivers Mall is also eco-friendly.
    4. With over 200 stores, The Two Rivers Mall is the biggest shopping center in Sub-Saharan Africa (Outside of South Africa).
    5. Some of the fan-favorite outlets at The Two Rivers Mall include;
        1. Nike store
        2. Carrefour Supermarket
        3. Hardees
        4. Magic Planet
        5. Burger King
        6. Ashley Furniture
        7. LC Waikiki
        8. Art Cafe
    6. The Cascadia Apartments are the signature residential facet of the Two Rivers Mall.
    7. To seal the deal the elegant apartments are fitted with a state-of-the-art surveillance system for security purposes.
    8.  Other residential establishments within The Two Rivers Mall include the Mzizi Court.
    9. Mzizi Court offers 1, 2, as well as 3 bedroomed units on flexible payment plans.


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3. The Village Market

    1. The Village Market is a plush shopping and entertainment center located along Limuru Road in Nairobi.
    2. It is found in the upmarket area of Gigiri and it is roughly 10 kilometers from the Nairobi city center via Limuru Road.
    3. Being a family entertainment and recreation facility several events are held at the mall including Haloween festivals and Auto shows.
    4. The Village Market Nairobi houses many businesses and stores that include;
        1. Adidas store
        2. AA driving school
        3. Airtel store
        4. Furniture store
        5. Art Cafe
        6. Bata footwear shop
        7. Beauty and fashion shops
        8. Carrefour market
        9. Restaurants and food courts
        10. Health facilities like M.P. Shah Hospital
        11. Hotel and accommodation
        12. KFC
        13. Kenya Commercial Banks
        14. Hotpoint
        15. Nairobi Sports House
    5. Click here to view the Village Market stores


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4. Gigiri Shopping Center

    1. Gigiri Shopping Center is a commercial establishment along Limuru Road in Nairobi.
    2. Located just 7 kilometers from Nairobi’s Central Business District, the Gigiri shopping center hosts top restaurants.
    3. Some of the restaurants and fast food stores available at the shopping center include;
        1. Mcfrys
        2. Dominos Pizza
        3. Coldstone Ice cream
    4. The Gigiri Shopping also houses several clothes stores as well as ample parking space for visitors.


5. Gigiri Square Mall

    1. The Gigiri Square Mall is a plush shopping center located at United Nations Avenue, off Limuru Road.
    2. The mall is just a walking distance away from major embassies.
    3. The Mall consists of affordable retail units as well as spacious parking for visitors.
    4. Some of the businesses housed inside the Gigiri Square Mall include;
        1. ONN THE WAY supermarket
        2. Paradiso Bar and Restaurant
        3. Plantain Palace
        4. Swahili restaurant
        5. Barbeque place
    5. The environment is serene making it an ideal hangout spot with friends and family.


Picture/ Gigiri Box Park



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6. The Comrades Building

    1. The Comrades Building is a shopping center along Limuru Road.
    2. The shopping center has retail units as well as services such as hairdressing and barber shops.
    3. You can do light shopping at a cheaper price at this location.


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