Alex Mwakideu: I wanted to be a tour guide

Alex Mwakideu while on air

Milele FM head of radio Alex Mwakideu has disclosed that he had plans of being a tour guide while growing up.

In a recent interview with Pulse, Mwakidue said he hoped to venture into the touring world as a child, “as he saw it as an easier way of traveling and partying.”

Sikutaka kuwa kwa radio, nilikuwa nataka kuwa Tour Guide. Growing up in Mombasa kulikuwa na hio story ya unajua ukiwa tour guide utapata mama mmoja mzungu pale kidogo kidogo Ujerumani na hio story ya Kenya imeisha. So that was my dream, to become a tour guide nianze kuenjoy, partying. Unajua pia touring unaenda Maasai Mara, unapeleka watu huko Lamu na you enjoy as you earn your money. I didn’t do anything about it,” said Mwakideu.

But fate would have it different. Due to his love for drama while in school saw him land an opportunity as a radio drama actor.

While in radio world he would later be encouraged to take up reading news owing to his rich voice, and when the opportunity presented itself he did so.

So news reader alikuwa ameenda kucover story the President is there and there is traffic he can’t make it. Nikaambiwa Mwakideu this is your time saa saba kamili. Nikapewa Habari live nikaipiga kweli and when I came out the whole office was loud and excited,” he recalled.