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Howto.co.ke is an information aggregator.

This is the home of simple, effective solutions. We strive to optimize every aspect of your existence, simplify your work and help you gain an edge over the rest.

The idea of this aggregator is to document processes in the private, public and social sectors. Other areas of coverage include tech, personal development, financial development, recipes, lifestyle just to mention a few.

An examples of articles you will find here include but are not limited to: how to plan for a wedding, how to import a car from Japan, how to start a business, how to buy bitcoins using Mpesa, how to dress appropriately for an interview, how to prepare samosas, how to buy a house, how to bathe a toddler and how to apply make-up amongst other interesting topics.

Basically, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to do anything, this is where you should come to.