A reminder to the girl who loves soo hard

A reminder to the girl who loves soo hard

You probably are that girl who when she loves the whole world knows about it. Because you fall head over heels for that special guy even if he is just a dush bag.

Sometimes you’ve had men run away from you just because of the love that you ooze. Most of them will claim that” she is too much to hang out with” but really do they stop for a second and think about it? and what do they use to measure love?

Have you stopped for a minute and wondered what the world would look like with no love at all? Guess it would be all cold and nothing would grow on earth.

Before someone tells you that you are weird because you love too hard, remember that its what makes you special.

We cannot all live by the same principles in life. So you love to hard whats the problem with that?. The world actually needs people like you. If someone doesn’t like you because of who you are let them leave.

Your heart is pure

Yes you got that right, love is not supposed to hurt but when we love the wrong people it does hurt a little bit. You had the courage to give it all you had but you still got little or nothing in return but it’s okay. If you are still in there girl keep loving the way you do.

There are less selfless people around the world and you just happen to be one of them so cheer up laugh, smile more often and look at life with positive lenses.

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If you love someone you shouldn’t be afraid that it’s too much

Love cannot be measured but it can be felt by the recipient and even the people who are around you. If you love someone, don’t worry that it’s too much because it just fits perfectly into that heart and person.

Don’t ever stop loving hard

You probably have heard a lot of this from your girlfriends tell you that you need to change and go easy but, who are they to tell you that. We are different people and what works for them might not work for you.

This is what makes you unique so keep doing it.