With KES 700, 000, would you build a house or buy this Home Theatre?

Bose has established for itself a big name in the industry already.

Bose Home Theatre System retailing at KES 700,000 on Jumia [Photo/ Courtesy]

In Brief

– Some gadgets are oftentimes overlooked and mistakenly taken lightly.

It is at times surprising how mind-boggling some prices can be at their mere mention.

Bose Home Entertainment System @ KES 570,000 on Jumia

As I was browsing around for what to write about in this episode of cool gadgets, I stumbled on this Bose Home Theatre System retailing at a whopping KES 700,000 and this other Bose Home Entertainment System going for KES 570,000 on Jumia Kenya.

Can you bring your mind to making a purchase for a sound system at a similar cost to that of buying a car, or say buying land? Let’s even talk of taking a full month’s holiday at a highly ranked destination like Dubai. Someone else could think of constructing a simple decent home in the rural. Well, some people do. They will walk into a shop, or even more conveniently click on an online store website and make a purchase for a Bose home theatre system at the cost of KES 700,000!

What is a Bose Sound System?

What is this elephant in the room? Well, a Bose Home Theatre System is a specially made gadget for quality sound, originally made in Mexico and Malaysia, but now extended to China. It has one of the largest global market values as well as demand.

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Why is a Bose Sound System so costly?

Most of you will agree with me that a cost of KES 700,000 for a sound system is no child’s play. So, the next question in your mind is why retail at such a cost?

The system possesses the existential price tag for a couple of valid reasons. Foremost is the fact that the speakers have got excellent sound quality. Bose has also made effort to incorporate the latest technologies with the resultant effect being that you can connect your speakers to possibly any other device that you may have.

An additional noteworthy fact is that the Bose company directly re-invests its profits back into research in an effort to discover new technological breakthroughs as opposed to engaging in unethical business dealings.

Is it worth buying a Bose Sound System?

By now your mind might be ringing, is it worth blowing such a fortune on just a home theatre? I will answer you in the affirmative. Go for it! Why?

Bose has established for itself a big name in the industry already. The very primary advantage of using Bose products is that they are extremely easy to use. Simple as it may sound, it can prove a big deal for the less technically minded users, majority of whom desire to quickly plug in their system and start using it.

A Bose Home Theatre System has got a voice control functionality that enables you to enjoy hands-free access to your music at any time of your choosing.

Being properly aware of their brand reputation, Bose understand that their products are created to last. They therefore readily offer their customers technical support. The meaning of this is that once you make up your mind to invest in a Bose System, you can rest assured that you will receive ready assistance in the case that something goes wrong.

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Where do I buy a Bose Sound System?

Click here to view a variety of Bose Sound Systems and order one online today!

How do I set up my Bose Sound System?

You have now taken the bold step and made a purchase of your Bose Home Theatre System. How now do you go about the installation procedure? Here’s a quick guide;

  1. Place your speakers on a balanced surface.
  2. Connect the speaker wires to the Acoustimass module.
  3. Connect the speaker wires to your speakers.
  4. Connect the Acoustimass module and the display panel to the media console.
  5. Select and connect the video and audio connections between your V-class system’s media console to your TV, and between the media console and your other home theatre devices.
  6. Connect the power supply cords and insert batteries into the remote control.
  7. Plug the media console and Acoustimass power supply cords into an electrical outlet.

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