A few tips to packing light

A fully packed back pack

A few tips to packing light

We are just a few days from December and the holidays are just around the corner. That means that well be doing a lot of packing as most people will be travelling up country and to various holiday destinations. The holiday might seem long but  you will need less than you think you would.

That’s true for travel, and it’s probably true in life as well. As a general rule, I believe we are better off packing less and trusting ourselves more. That said, I’m not interested in practicing minimalism to the point of limiting my joy or handicapping my travel experience. My goal is not to pack the least amount of things, but the optimal amount of things.

1. Carry less stuff.

I strive to eliminate items that are not essential to my enjoyment on the road. In my experience, packing light allows me to spend more time focusing on the things that make travel great — the people, the places, the food — and less time worrying about what I’m carrying.

Focus on the most essential items for example don’t leave your toiletries in the name of packing light.

2. Reduce weight, not usefulness.

Do not carry things that are not useful. When faced with two useful options, I will select the one that is lighter or better designed.

Whenever possible, I opt for items that have multiple uses because this reduces weight and complexity. I try to carry items and wear clothes that are flexible enough to cover a variety of situations.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your trip to the maximum as you will be having less weight on you.

3Optimize for comfort and design.

After following the first two rules, I optimize each item for comfort and design. I’m not interested in wearing a 10-zipper pant or a 15-pocket travel sweatshirt.

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that looks good on you. I’m not interested in melting deodorant into chap-stick tubes in the name of packing light. I want to use everyday items the way I would normally use them. I don’t need many things, but I love the look and feel of each item I carry.