8 Kenyans hackers arrested at Equity Bank Rwanda

Equity Bank Rwanda. [Photo/File]

8 Kenyans hackers arrested at Equity Bank Rwanda

Eight Kenyan nationals have been arrested alongside 3 Rwandans and a Ugandan on Friday as they attempted to defraud Equity bank Rwanda.

According to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), the hackers were caught in the process of committing the cyber fraud act.

“This group was arrested while in the process of hacking into the bank system to steal money from clients’ accounts,” RIB said on Friday.

The 12 hackers are not new to authorities since earlier reports indicated that they had defrauded Equity Banks in both Kenya and Uganda before they ventured into Rwanda.

“RIB urges the public to remain vigilant and always share information that can be used to prevent crime,” RIB added.

The investigation authorities have already submitted the details of all the suspects as they await their date with justice.