7 tips to a great and successful relationship

A couple watching as the sun sets

7 tips to a great and successful relationship

Globally, there has been a rise in many marriage relations and even dating couples breaking up shortly after committing. The question that most people asks is whats ailing the society?

Many people would love to be in relationships but what does it take to have a great and lasting relationship?

Here are some pointers on the 7 basic elements to a great and successful relationship.

  1. Trust

trust is a key component for any relationship. you cant say that you have a great relationship while you doubt everything that your partner says and does.

studies conducted show that lack of trust is the cause of many problems in relationships.


On one of the key elements to a great relationship, communication tops the list.

As a couple, talking out your issues saves people a lot of problems. Through communication, you are able to express yourself and also know how your partner feels about certain issues.

Always talk about everything and anything.

3. Honesty

Honesty and trust always go hand in hand. This mean that for someone to trust you completely, you have to be honest about yourself and dealings.

So without honesty in a relationship, don’t expect trust in return. Where there is no trust then you can as well as call it quits.

4. Accept your partner for who they are

For any relationship to be successful, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are 2 different people with different personalities.

This will help you identify that you might like different things and have certain behaviors that might seem weird to your partner. So if you have decided that this is the person that your are dating then you cant be judgemental towards them.

So learn to accept each other the way you are.

5. Say the little things

Be polite in how you relate with one another this is important because you are dealing with a human being with emotion.

Apologize when wrong, say thank you when something nice has been done for you; these are some of the small but serious things that people in relationships should pay attention to.

6. Be forgiving

Man is to error, there is no perfect being in this world. The sooner you realize that the easier life becomes for you.

From this you are expected to have a forgiving nature. You can not keep holding grudges with the person that you love and expect them to hold on to you.

A forgiving spirits helps avert looming trouble in relationships.

7. Know you partners love language

Knowing your partners love language plays a critical role in a relationship.

By knowing there love languages, you are able to know what makes them happy and what doesn’t. For example, there are people who when they are gifted, that’s when they feel loved while other just need to be constantly reminded verbally.

So get to know your partners love language for a happy relationship.