7 things women wished you knew when it comes to infertility

7 things women wished you knew when it comes to infertility

Fertility cases have been on the rise in recent times. Many women are getting married and realize that for one reason or the other, they cannot have the very one gift bestowed upon them by the creator.

The process of seeking infertility treatment can be very draining, exhaustive both physically and emotionally and also expensive. So if everybody understood this, they would mind there Ps and Qs.

Here are a few things women who are facing this challenge wished that everybody knew when it comes to infertility.

  1. Opening up to friends and loved ones is hard. This is because people tend to offer unsolicited advice. Other people will not attempt to talk about it because it’s hard and very awkward to talk about.
  2. The support from friends is very welcome and appreciated. Just reaching out and saying “I’m thinking of you and if you need me I’m here” to that sister goes a long way.

So instead of trying to offer your two cent idea, why don’t you just show some love and support where needed.

  1. Just because it took you a shorter time to conceive doesn’t mean that you understand the struggles of it taking years.

We are different people with different bodies, woman A can take a longer time to conceive while you just take a month or don’t struggle at all. With this identified, respect people and know when to give your opinion.

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  1. Trying to get pregnant is expensive.

Yes, I just said that. Just because you it didn’t take you a while trying to get a baby doesn’t mean that it’s that easy.

Women spend a lot of their savings on numerous tests and medication that may prove futile in the end.

Fertility treatment is so expensive in this country and by the time someone gets to hold that baby in their arms, it’s drained all their finances. Others opt to let it go because they cannot afford it.

  1. We can’t just adopt babies

Before you advise a woman to go adopt a baby, you need to know all the facts that are associated with it. Adoption in itself is very costly and takes a long time to process. At the end of the process, you are not guaranteed to having that baby in the first place.

  1. Infertility is not an older persons problems. Yes in the 21st century anyone and everyone is susceptible to infertility.

You may be as young as 22 years and still get diagnosed by this. Remember that it doesn’t make you a lesser being.

  1. Infertility is a deeply personal issue and sometimes, you just don’t want to talk about it with other people.