7 Things to consider when buying shoes

7 Things to consider when buying shoes

A shoe is not just footwear or an accessory that simply completes one’s outfit, but it can boost confidence and make one feel sexier.

Buying shoes for a woman is not a walk in the park, this is attributed by the fact that every shoe in the shop will be appealing to the eyes, but how should you make that important decision on what to settle for?

Every woman knows that various types of shoes have their individual stand out qualities but how do you settle on one? Here are some tips from the experts

  • Avoid pointed-toe shoes.

Ensure there is enough room in the toe box for you to wiggle your toes. This will help your feet to relax and avoid cones on your toes.

  • Buy a wide variety of shoes so that you get to vary your footwear day-to-day.

It is important for ladies to have shoes for every occasion. You cannot wear flat shoes to a corporate dinner. You might need a shoe that compliments your dress and make you look sexy.

A good pair of shoes can boost your confidence

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  • Choose a thicker heel as opposed to a pointed one.

Always choose a thicker soul when purchasing heels as they provide more support to you. This will make you walking in them to feel comfortable.

More support to the leg and ankle equates to a happy confident woman

  • Look for rubber soles and not slick, hard leather for more grip on the ground.

Rubber sole shoes provide more grip to the feet. This stabilizes you as you walk. Rubber soles than also prevent embarrassing moments of sliding to the ground when walking on slippery tiled floors.

  • Find rubber shoes with memory foam insoles.

Insoles provide more comfort to the foot by making it feel soft. Insoles also provide a better fit of the shoe.

  • Buy shoes in the afternoon.

Buying shoes in the afternoon is encouraged because the feet swell up more in the afternoon.

When you shop for shoes in the morning, you are most likely to end up with a smaller fit which will not be beneficial to you.