7- Must have for every lady’s handbag

7- Must have for every lady’s handbag

There is this unspoken rule that you should peep into a ladies handbag. This does not mean that we carry anything dangerous in there and that is why we want to break this mystery.

So what do ladies really carry in those pretty bags? the list can be so long but there are a must have things for every lady.

Here are some of those things that ladies must have in there bags to make life better for them;

  1. Cash

Every lady must carry some cash in there bags. you can never tell when you will need it.

The other reason is for emergency purposes. in Nairobi where hawkers sell their products on the street, you may end up stepping on somebody’s product. When that happens, you can use that spare cash that you had stashed in the handbag.

2. Pen and note pad

Always carry with you a pen and a note pad. You may walk into a meeting where there are no writing materials, this will save your day.

Apart from meetings, you might remember something  important that is worth noting down. This is where your note pad comes in handy.

3. Sanitary towels and wipes

Some ladies may ask why this is necessary because they’ll carry them when in need. Sanitary towels are important because you may not know when you will have your period. better still you might not need them but a sister around you might.

Always keep 1 or 2 pieces in your bag.

As for the wipes you  need them to clean your hands if you can wash them. The wipes also come in handy when you need to clean your bag if it dusty or even when something spills on your dress.

3. Lip-balm

This will help to keep your lips moist. You don’t have to walk around with chirped lips just because you did not have something to prevent that.

4. Perfume

Your scent really speaks a lot about you as an individual. Always keep a bottle of perfume to keep you smelling nice and fresh.

They may also come in handy when you have a date in the evening after work. your might not have all the time to freshen up but you can douse some on yourself before the date.

5. Chewing gum

This is a must have as you need to always keep a fresh breath. You don’t want people to avoid you or turn there heads when you are speaking to them.

As much as keeping a great oral hygiene is important, sometimes during the day you cannot find the time to brush. This is where your chewing gums come in hand.

6. Moisturizer

For the ladies who love stepping out with no makeup, you need to invest in good moisturizer. This helps to protect the face from drying up.

Moisturizer helps to maintain a glowing skin. It also takes care of the drying.

7. Sunscreen

No women want to take the risk of stepping out without a sunscreen. The effect of sunscreen goes off after every 3 hours, so better carry it along and keep reapplying. It’s your ultimate solution and your Savior from the sun and the UV rays, so always keep it in your bag.