6 Symptoms that no woman should ignore

6 Symptoms that no woman should ignore

Certain health symptoms may not seem like a huge problem, but they’re actually your body dealing with something much bigger.

If you’re experiencing any of these common symptoms more often than not, see your doctor immediately. You know your body best, so if something doesn’t seem right, get it checked out.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding and foul discharge

Uncharacteristic discharge in women of any age; though it could signal an easily treatable infection, copious amounts of discharge (or very foul-smelling discharge) could be associated with cervical cancer or fallopian tube cancer.

Abrupt weight loss

While shedding of a few kgs can be considered good and healthy for you, an abrupt weight loss should be cause for worry. Abrupt weight loss could be associated with colon cancer so you need to pay attention to that.

For those under 50, hormonal abnormalities like hyperthyroidism or diabetes could be to blame for dropping pounds unexpectedly.

Constant fatigue

It is normal to feel fatigued after working through the night or you might have not had the recommended 8hours of sleep. But, if you always feel tired and it won’t just go away, then its time that you visited the doctor.

Constant fatigue can be linked to hyperthyroidism.

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 Pelvic pain

Even if it’s just vague pain, it’s not supposed to hurt down there. Any type of pain sharp and sudden or dull and lengthy should be checked out right away. Some potential causes of aches down south include masses, diverticulitis, or endometriosis all of which should be examined immediately.

Bloated tummy

It is okay to feel bloated for a day or two but anything that goes past that requires the doctor’s attention.

Bloating can result from a number of reasons, for example, digestive reasons is the major cause of bloating or even overeating.