6 Most accessories/gadgets you should have in Nairobi

6 Most accessories/gadgets you should have in Nairobi

6 Most accessories/gadgets you should have in Nairobi

Technology has taken a major place in our lives; in fact, we cannot spend even a few hours without it. For instance, how many times do you check on your phone or go online in an hour? How much time do you spend on the road from home to work and vise verse? Were constantly busy and finding that one gadget that would add an absolute convenience to you with your task is key. The worse scenario, is having a phone without power and you can’t access any charging port or system.

Here is a list of gadgets you should have;

  1. Smart phone and a backup standard phone (Kabambe).

For most Kenyans, our phones have become a part of us. We would no more leave the house without the phone than we would without clothes. Can you imagine leaving the house without carrying your phone? Most likely you will be devastated with the number of phone calls and messages you’ll have missed. Therefore, you really should get the most out of your smart phone because most dealings in Kenya now are smart phone based. However, due to high power consumptions with most of the smartphones, it is advisable to get a backup (Kabambe)

  1. USB Charger:

What happens when you’re in a hurry leaving home and your phone power is at 5%? What happens if your phone only uses one charger; its original charger? That’s where carrying your charger becomes important. Battery life continues to be a weakness for most smartphones and a major pain for us. If you love your smart phone, then make a point of having best battery chargers.

  1. Power Bank:

Not so many Kenyan’s have embraced the idea of having power bank . But this gadget comes in handy and there are a lot of flexibility and ease that it brings. For instance, you do not need to connect it to a car or socket to work. All you need to do is make sure you charge it fully before you leave the house and it will charge your phone. However, it is good to note that power banks come with different battery life, so you can get the one that will last you for at least ten hours or more.


  1. Headset/Earphones:

The beauty that comes with earphones is that you have the comfort of listening to your music or watch a movie on your phone while walking, working or travelling. Most of Kenyan’s like their privacy on their gadgets, so make a point of having quality earphones as they will save you big deal from distractions, unnecessary noise.


  1. Laptop

Kenya, and most importantly Nairobi has become digitized. This means that you can work from anywhere within the city. When you go to have coffee at Java or while in the office, laptops bring that comfort of privacy and independence.

With laptop models getting smaller and lighter than ever, they are literally go-everywhere computers. This means you will usually have it nearby, even if you didn’t plan to use it – which makes using it that much easier.

If you have a laptop with the best energy savor capability, you’re even more lucky as you can use it to charge your phones in case of a power emergency shortage.

6.      A proper smart wearable tech


To fully appreciate the impact advancements in technologies in 2016 and beyond will have, you need to be healthy, and to be constantly healthy, you need to constantly monitor your health.

Now, a proper smartphone can be able to monitor your health through Apps like S Health, Google Fit, Microsoft Health and a thousand and one other Health Apps, but the problem with smartphones is that they may not be conducive in every health-tracking situation like when running, out in the gym or when swimming. To take full control of your health therefore, you need to own at least one wearable smart device like a smartwatch