5 types of taxi drivers that you are most likely to meet in Nairobi

A man driving his car

5 types of taxi drivers that you are most likely to meet in Nairobi

You have this meeting that you need to attend very urgently and you can not take a matatu, so you opt to use an Uber or your preferred choice of taxi.

The only thing that you can control about this is the category that you choose. So you actually don’t get to know or choose your driver.

This simply means that you can get any driver with different personalities and behavior.

  1. The chatty guy

This is the cub driver who will not let you have your peace. No offence intended but sometimes you have had a very long day and all you need is the quite and no noise. Then you find this driver who wants to chat the whole way to your destination, man that really drain someone.

2. The politician

This is the guy who knows everything pertaining to politics. He will engage you in political conversations even if you are not interested.

They also happen to know everything that seems to be going on in the country and even have solutions to the political problems in the country.

3. The flirt

This is the cab man who will hit on every female passenger that boards his cab.  This is not a cool behavior because it makes most of the ladies to feel so uncomfortable during the ride and especially when alone.

Ladies beware that such cab drivers exist and they are not all professionals as they claim.

4. Speed monster

This guy is ever in a hurry. so lets start from a clear highway, this driver will drive at a 100 km/h. You might actually think that he is being chased by robber or something.

Apart from that, he is always overlapping and risking being arrested.

After such rides, you always feel your heart beating so fast and probably give them the worst ratings.

5. Mr. know it all

He has information about everything, everyone and where things are. As odd as it might sound, this guys knows even the shortcuts routes to your place.

The Mr know it all really suck and there best medicine is to ignore him, because if you keep engaging him, you will really get irritated.