5 things you need to know about pregnancy

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5 things you need to know about pregnancy

The knowledge of you getting ready to bring a new life into this world can be exciting. The reality is that pregnancies are not the same. Every woman has their own experiences. As a result of that, you can never know what to expect.

One woman might have acnes while the other glows throughout the pregnancy, the point is you can’t rely on other peoples experiences to expect the same

However, here are a few things that you can be sure to happen during a pregnancy.

You heart rate increases

When you are pregnant, you should expect your heart rate to increase. This is because, during pregnancy, the volume of your blood increases by up to 50% as the baby develops. Your heart needs to pump extra blood and work more than it usually does and it is likely to increase in size. Since your heart is doing more work, don’t be too alarmed when you notice your heart is beating faster than usual.

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Weight gain

Many women fear getting pregnant because of the hustle of losing baby weight. Research shows that not all women put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. Every woman, just like every pregnancy is different meaning that you might or might not put on a lot of weight when you’re pregnant.

Factors such as hormones and morning sickness can make maintaining your calorie intake hindering weight gain. Your diet also matters. If you try to eat as healthily as possible, you are likely to put on less weight and lose it more easily.

Exercise is essential

Expectant mothers are advised and expected to exercise frequently. This means light workouts and stretches which will help keep you fit and your heart healthy during this period, since the heart strains a lot. Experts suggest that expectant mothers should do at least a 30-minute workout every day.


This is one aspect about pregnancy that fascinates many. People often imagine that when you get pregnant, you’ll start craving so many random things like a half-beef half-chicken samosa. That is not always the case. Some women don’t even get cravings at all. It’s true that many crave vegetables, sugary or salty snacks, among other things. However, this isn’t the case for every expectant mother.

You cant know what to expect

People are different so are pregnancies. You can never say for sure that your experience will be smooth on neither can you say that it will be rough. You got to deal with what presents itself at that time.

Don’t have too much expectations lest you get disappointed.