5 Things every woman in a relationship should know about money

A Couple discussing money matters Photo/ Pinterest

5 Things every woman in a relationship should know about money

Money is a feminist issue and yet, women are still reluctant to talk about it.

Being able to talk about money should be a basic part of any relationship, in part because it’s a good indicator of your compatibility. Talking about money is immensely important, Studies show that spending habits and money decisions are a very clear indicator of your values and priorities in life.

So if you and your partner have vastly different spending habits and you don’t have a system in place to manage the difference, it’s likely there will be conflicts in other areas of life as well.

But even more important is having an understanding of money for yourself— whether you’re in a relationship or not.

You don’t need to wait for your partner to start saving

Women in their 20s need to know about money. Times are changing and you can now find dedicated resources specifically targeted to women.

Don’t wait. If you’re in a position to get your money together, just do it.

Gender roles have nothing to do with money

Your career is just as important as anyone else’s and your finances should be treated accordingly. When looking at career paths, saving, and financial contributions, it should be based on a holistic assessment of where you both are. Not your genders.

You should have an emergency fund

Everyone should at least have an emergency savings account. This account is there to protect you when an emergency arises, like losing your job, getting sick, etc. Experts say everyone should have three to 12 months’ worth of expenses saved in their emergency savings account.

But they’re also important if you’re in a relationship, to keep you from becoming financially dependent.

How to discuss money issues with your partner

Learn how to talk about it and learn early. Money is the number one thing that couples fight about. If you can have an open dialogue about not just your financial situation, but your attitudes toward money, early in the relationship then it can prevent some big stresses later on. And at some point, like when it comes to discussing a pre-nap, it will be really important.

How to talk about your debts

This is a big one. Between student loan debt, credit card debt, medical bills there are a lot of debts that can come up. And you need to know what’s going on before you tie yourself to someone financially. “Money is a major cause of anxiety in relationships.

People are not usually honest about money until there is a problem.

A lot of people think that being in a relationship brings financial security, but it can make things more complicated. You’re responsible for your financial autonomy and security, so make sure you’re taking the necessary steps.