5 Simple ideas for dates for married couples

5 Simple ideas for dates for married couples

When was the last time you went out on a date with your spouse? Life happens and before you know it, kids and other priorities took over. You have probably been too busy to pay attention to each others need.

It’s important to reconnect with each other.  It’s important to spend “alone” time together and give each other undivided attention as you did at the beginning.


Every couple should at least have a dinner just for two once in a month. This gives the couple some times to connect, reignite some old flames and just enjoy each others company away from the kids.

Make a reservation in a nice restaurant, dress up and go enjoy some good food.

Bike riding

If you both love outdoor activities, you can just go to a park-like karura forest and ride bikes. This give you the opportunity to just relax, enjoy nature and breath in fresh air.

Movie night

When was the last time that you went out to watch a movie just the two of you without the kids? Go to a movie theatre, pick out a nice movie and sit down and enjoy it. I’m sure that it won’t hurt to just make a memory.

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Pick a nice Maasai blanket and some healthy snacks in your picnic basket and got out. Get a nice quiet place and enjoy your snacks. This is where you get to not think about the kids and the harsh realities of life.

Spontaneous dates

You don’t have to plan for dates. You can just get away for a couple of hours and go catch up on your lives and enjoy each other company. Life is to short live it and enjoy it.

Couples massage

Might seem expensive but it’s worth all the time and experience. You can save up some cash for this and surprise your spouse with this treat. You can imagine both you and spouse having a massage together, side by side.