5 signs that he’s too immature to be in a relationship

5 signs that he’s too immature to be in a relationship

When it comes to dating and relationships, maturity is always going to be of the essence. Relationships are no walk in the park. It’s always important that two people stay mature and strong throughout the stretch of it in order to sustain it.

Love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship. Sometimes, some people might be so immature to the point that they don’t really allow themselves to develop certain traits and characteristics that they might need to be in a lasting and sustainable romantic relationship.

Here are some tips to know if he’s so immature for a relationship.

Still, keep a dating app on his phone

If your guy still has a dating app on his phone, girl you got to think twice. This is just a clear indication that he’s not ready to commit to you.

What he’s is trying to say in other words is that he still wants to be in the dating field so girl get going.

He doesn’t make an effort to take you out

He doesn’t make any efforts to take you out, all he is interested in is just chilling out with you. That should be a red flag for you.

He’s trying to keep it as casual as possible because he isn’t mature enough to take you and your relationship seriously.

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He’s very inconsistent

He doesn’t really show you any consistency with his efforts in the relationship. He is hot and cold. He’s there for you one minute and you won’t be able to find him on the next.

Girl if you notice that you got to run for your life, that man is not yours.

Still flirts with other girls

You’ve probably been having issues with him because he’s flirting a lot with other girls, then its time for you to leave.

Don’t stay hoping that he will change or you’ll make him change. that could be the biggest scam of this lifetime.

You should be the only lady he flirts with and have eyes for.

Refuses to define the relationship

There is nothing that sucks as moving blindly. Every relationship should have a clear road map on where it’s headed to. A real man should be able to define or put a name to whatever it is that he’s having with a lady. If he can’t do that girl, walk.

If you are dealing with such a man, the probability of him just stringing you along is in the ratio of 2:1.