5 Signs of emotional blackmail

Cropped shot of a young married couple having a disagreement in their bedroom at home

5 Signs of emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmail happens between a manipulative or abusive person and a victim. It is often described as threats and punishments that are meant to control another person’s behaviour, while not escalating to physical violence.

Relationships with emotional blackmail is mentally and emotionally draining. It is important to know the signs of this unhealthy relationship so you can address it, end it, or stop doing it if you are the culprit.

Withholding sex

Withholding of sex in your relationship to punish your partner or get your own way a cool thing. Withholding sex to manipulate your partner into doing what you want them to do is emotional blackmail, and signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Silent treatment

Healthy relationships need communication. So refusing to talk to your partner or respond to calls or text as a tactic to punish is counterproductive, and also childish and petty.

It’s one thing to ask for some space when angry but after that, go talk to your spouse and smooth over things.

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Threatening to leave

Someone who threatens to end the relationship whenever they are angry or not getting their way is someone who is not ready or capable of having a healthy relationship.

If they want to leave, then let them go do yourself the favour.

Guilt-tripping you

Your partner is sometimes in the wrong, but they never own their faults and often place the blame on you. And then they make you feel guilty for even trying to bring up your concerns or issues. They gaslight you constantly, and make you feel bad anytime you call them on their crap.