5 Questions to ask before “Saying Yes”to him

5 Questions to ask before “Saying Yes” to him

If you’re thinking about marrying someone you probably already know whether they is like horses, prefers spicy food, or dreams of winter camping in the Arctic. While there is always more to learn about someone, here are five things you should ask yourself before you walk down the aisle together .

1. Talk about finances

Money is one of the biggest things married couples fight about so it’s important to discuss it beforehand. How were each of you raised to think about and handle money, and how do you do that now? What are your expectations for how a spouse should make money and spend it? Discussing these kinds of questions will go a long way in helping you decide on a suitable life partner.

You also need to know if your partner has debts around and if yes how do you plan on settling it.

2. Compatibility

Don’t just say yes because all your friends are getting married, you need to identify whether you are compatible.

This begins from sexual compatibility to the basics of whether you can live together.

The last thing that you want is to have a failed marriage just because you didn’t keep your eyes open during courtship.

3. Parenting and pregnancy

you need to know what your partner thinks about having babies. so if they would like to have them, you need to know how many.

answering theses questions can prevent problems in the near future because you know what you are getting yourself into.

so if you cant agree on having kids and how to parent them, then you can call it quits.

4. Faith and religion

This might seem as a light issue but has its importance. before you agree to marry him, find out what his religious beliefs are. this will prevent you from marrying someone who has weird beliefs.

Look for someone who you share the same beliefs. This will make you people have a united family.

5. Talk about your pasts experiences

Each of us has a past and we bring all of our past experiences into marriage – the lessons we’ve learned, scars we’ve acquired, and wounds that still need to be healed.

Before you decide to marry someone, be sure to discuss how your past may affect your life together. It’s especially important to know if there are significant issues either of you have deal with, such as addictions, past abuse, health problems, etc., as these things can greatly impact a marriage.