5 Mood killers for women in the bedroom

5 Mood killers for women in the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom matters, things that one spouse can consider to be trivial can prove to be a strain to the other.

When it comes to sex, sometimes the mood build-up is slow while at other times it’s just there flowing in full charge. But, this can change instantly by the things that we do or how we behave.

The mood for physical intimacy with your spouse is more fragile than you might imagine. We’ve all done it, we’ve all killed the mood, mostly unintentionally.

If we’re to cultivate a healthy sexual relationship with our spouses, we have to avoid the following things.

Unnecessary distractions

Sometimes the mood dies simply because you allow something completely unimportant or unrelated intrude into the moment.

Keep things that you know will distract her out of the room for a moment. Talk about subjects that only build up the sex drive and not lowers it.

Unhygienic men

You got that right, Just as you would expect your woman to be good looking and smelling great, that’s what women expect to.

You can imagine trying to get into action with someone whos got a poor oral hygiene or even a guy whos all smelling sweat. That just kills the mood.

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Being rude and crude

Sometimes the mood is lost simply because we lose the common sense of common courtesies. A lack of gentlemanly chivalry can hurt the mood quite quickly. Just because you’ve become comfortable with each other over several years of marriage doesn’t mean you have to ignore your manners. Open the door for her, pull her chair out at the restaurant.

Untamed tongues

Should always watch the words that we speak to each other. Sometimes the desire is always lost just because of the words that come out of our mouths.

Always affirm your partner, appreciate the little things that they do for you and around the house.

Don’t call her other women’s names please. this is a huge turn off for women.

Only thing that you want

When one spouse does things for the other only to get something in return, the desire for intimacy from the other spouse quickly fades. Love is not a transaction, it is an action.

Don’t buy chocolates when you are only in the mood for sex, keep buying them even if you are not. Love is nurtured.