5 Factors to help you balance your hormones

5 Factors to help you balance your hormones

Hormonal imbalance is a cause of many health problems in ladies. From acne filled face to painful period to decrease in libido for women. However, this problem can be solved by a number of remedies.

Be wary of dairy products

Dairy is an important source of nutrients for many people. However, females concerned about levels of reproductive hormones may wish to use caution, especially before consuming cream or yoghurt.

A study in The Journal of Nutrition Trusted Source notes that eating dairy can reduce levels of some protective hormones.

Consider taking supplements

There is some evidence that alternative therapies or supplements may address some hormonal issues.

For instance, a study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine Trusted Source found that a Chinese herbal therapy routine resulted in doubled pregnancy rates, compared to Western, drug-based treatment, among female participants with infertility.

Take a lot of vegetable

Fibre may play an important role in gut health, and it may also help regulate hormones such as insulin.

A study in the journal Obesity notes that some types of fibre work to balance levels of other hormones as well, which may help a person maintain a healthy weight.

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Avoid sugar

Findings reported in Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory SciencesTrusted Source support the idea that sugar plays a role in issues such as metabolic disease and insulin resistance.

While concrete evidence is still lacking, eliminating sugar from the diet may help keep levels of hormones, including insulin, in check.

Manage stress

A study in the journal Experimental and Clinical SciencesTrusted Source points to a link between stress, the endocrine system, and hormone levels. The researchers argue that the link is strong, with even a low level of stress-causing and endocrine response.

Stress leads to an increase in adrenaline and cortisol. If levels of these hormones are too high, it can disrupt the overall balance and contribute to factors such as obesity, changes in mood, and even cardiovascular issues.