5 Easy tips for getting your dream girl

A woman whispering into a mans ear

5 Easy tips for getting your dream girl

Back in the days before women became independent, dating was considered an easy task. people courted knowing the end goal was marriage.

Now both genders have evolved socially, dating has become so complicated. Hanging out and hooking up has replaced the traditional dating.

Men complaining that getting there dream women have become an uphill task and women complaining of the same.

So for men how can you get that girl that you really want? below are some pointers to making your work easy.

  1. Be yourself and real

Learn to be yourself, this helps someone get to know you better.

No one would date anyone that they barely no nothing about.

Being real helps to get trust issues out of the way hence making relations to be quite easy.

2. Be patient

Patience is a key and good virtue to have. the reason why every man should learn to be patient is because sometime, you are not going to get what you want immediately.

In such circumstances, patience is the only thing to hold. At the end of the day, if you were patient enough you get what you want.

Never give up.

3. Be a gentleman

This is an important one, no woman will settle for a man who is not gentle towards her. You might start out well but she will soon leave.

Being a gentleman is just not about your action, it goes into how to even speak to her.

So you should strive to be always a gentleman an example if you are boarding a matatu, allow to get in first and that shes settled well.

At the end of the day she will only be your woman if you respect her and how much of a gentleman you are.

4. Ask her out

Nothing comes on a silver plate, sometimes you have to go out of you way and do what is needed.

So if you like her and you are sure about your feelings for her, then ask her out it doesn’t cost anything neither does it break a leg.

5. Compliment her

Sometimes you got to speak to her heart. Saying the right words at the right time.

Always compliment her, if you like the smile then talk about that but it doesn’t have to be trashy. Always look for something classic.