5 Causes of low libido in women

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5 Causes of low libido in women

Since time immemorial, women have been made to think that men do have high libido compared to the women and that the women cannot have the same. But that all lies, women can have higher sexual desires just as men or even higher.

The difference comes in when men only need one or two hormones at play while women have close to ten hormones and neurotransmitters at play to enjoy sex.

A woman’s sex drive can be affected by a range of factors starting from the biological issues to psychological matters. To a woman sex is all in the mind, this explains why trivial issues like just being stressed out or anxiety can be a huge trigger to decreased sex drive in women.

Hormonal birth control

This is by far the number one reason for low libido in women. Hormonal birth control depletes testosterone levels and increases the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin which further binds to any other testosterone in the body reducing sex drive down to zero.

Birth control also shuts off natural progesterone production which is needed for sex drive and to combat stress and anxiety. Increased anxiety and depression are common on birth control and leads to a low sex drive, it also depletes nutrients which further worsens the problem.

Low self-esteem

Some women tend to have body image issues, especially after childbirth. they no longer feel sexy and beautiful because of the changes that have occurred in their bodies. As a result of this, they lose their self-esteem hence affecting their confidence.

This, in turn, affects their sex drive because they are scared of how their partner will view them or reject them.

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Cortisol (stress hormone) is needed for all other hormone production and will prioritize keeping you alive and out of danger over sexual hormone production. Lack of sleep, inflammation, overworking and fatigue is a form of stress that can also contribute to low sex drive.

Hormonal imbalance

Nearly all female hormone imbalances can disrupt healthy libido. The main imbalances to consider for young women (before menopause) is estrogen dominance and or low progesterone, low testosterone, and thyroid dysfunction.

Nutrient deficiency

Nutrients are the building blocks for healthy hormones. A deficiency in nutrients can lead to inadequate hormone production and consequent lack of sex drive.