5 causes of decreased libido in men

5 causes of decreased libido in men

When a man’s libido is decreased, he is no longer interested in any form of sex with the opposite sex. What happens in return is, the wife starts to wonder what the cause of this is and how he can improve the situation.

Libido is associated with potency, but often there is a situation where a person “wants”, but not “can” because of the dysfunctionality of the genital organs. Synchronous correlation of libido and potency determines the normal course of sexual life.

Here are a few causes of decreased libido in men.

Insufficient level of sex hormones

Libido is directly related to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone. The higher the level of sex hormones in a man, the more pronounced his libido, and vice versa. The level of testosterone begins to decrease slightly after 25 years and to 40-45 years to some extent androgen deficiency appears.

Psychological reasons

It can be various stresses, prolonged depression or anxiety for anything. Reducing libido can be associated with sexual disorders, when a man loses confidence in himself as in a male, along with this inhibits the libido. Libido can be oppressed by multiple failures in sexual life.

Unbalanced Nutrition

For the proper functioning of all the functions of the body, it is necessary to supply it with nutrients. With meagre nutrition, the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for the male body and cannot function properly.

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Frequent use of narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages

Prolonged use of marijuana and alcoholic beverage, the size and density of the testicles decrease, which leads to the suppression of their functions in the production of sex hormones and spermatozoa.

Chronic Fatigue, Lack of Sleep

When the body needs rest, there can be no talk of libido, since maintaining libido is not the main function of the body, but only an additional one.

Age of the Man

By 60-70 years there is a natural decrease in the level of sex hormones in the blood, which is the reason for the weak potency.