5 Annoying habits that women exhibit

5 Annoying habits that women exhibit

Fact is men and women are wired differently. As a result of this women have interesting behaviours that men find interestingly weird but that’s who we are. We are known to let our emotions run wild and to speak about what hurts us and that’s probably why women live longer than men.

Men, stop trying to understand us and take us as we are. Trying to comprehend all the facets that make me me, will only confuse you further. Allow us to lead you on this wild ride that is womanhood.

I have nothing to wear say

this say is very common amongst women while in reality, their closets are just full to the brim. When a woman says this, it just means that I don’t feel inspired by anything currently in my closet. You can help by picking an outfit for me and telling me how much you like me in that dress.

Reading too much into texts

One worded texts often denote disinterest. I know you might be extremely busy, probably in a meeting with your boss or a potential client, but I expect a lengthier reply. If you can’t write me some good prose there and then, tell me so and then make sure that when you do get free time, you send me a lengthy text.

Involving my friends in my life

A woman’s friends are her third eyes, a woman will tell her BFF about every nitty-gritty details of her relationship and even ask them if it’s okay to date a certain john who has been hitting on her. but here is the thing, these friends don’t make the decisions for us so men, you can just sit back and relax.

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Getting angry but refusing to address the issue

This is the most infuriating thing about them. so she is clearly pissed off at you but she will be like “I’m fine”. Men if you hear that, know that shes not.

Sometimes ladies need to be cajoled and made to feel special, so let her breath and come around or you can do something nice for her.

Getting upset when you compliment other women

Even though I might have commented on how hot another woman is, you are not allowed to agree with me. I am your woman and you should only have eyes for me. Bonus points if you hug me and whisper, ‘Not as hot as you’!