5 African Natural hair growth tips

Beautiful African natural hair

5 African Natural hair growth tips

There is this misconception that African hair doesn’t grow long, for those asking this question, yes it does grow long. For this to happen, you need to care for the hair and invest in it.

The most challenging and demoralizing part is when your hair doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point and you are left wondering, like what should be the next cause of action.

Here are some tips that can work magic on your African natural hair and help it grow to come crazy lengths.

Although these tips can aid in your natural hair growth, consistency is key and DNA can also play a role in your hair growth, texture and curl pattern.

Moisturize your hair

Spraying your hair with water is one of the most important practices! Add to your spray bottle to enhance hair growth benefits, for example, Rose Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Peppermint essential oil, and Rosemary essential oil

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Deep condition your hair

Deep Condition for 30-45 minutes after your shampoo. Sitting under a hooded dryer or plastic cap will do just fine.

Trims your ends

Pay attention to your hair because it will let you know when it’s time for a trim. Do you get split ends when you do a two strand twist ? Or that curl doesn’t quite curl and the end? It might be a good idea to get a trim. You can either have professional do the trim or you can do the trim yourself. It’s up to you and your comfort level.

Massaging the scalp

This can encourage blood circulation and promote healthy hair regrowth and natural hair growth.

Hydrate your body

Drinking a lot of water is very important and it should be the first thing that you put in your body and the last thing at night before bed.

Taking multivitamins

Whether it be in pill form or liquid form. Consult your physician before taking any multivitamin. It’s good idea to find the right method and discuss any changes with your healthcare provider.

Mind what you eat

Just like the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Make sure you are balancing your habits out with some leafy greens and exercise.

Include enough proteins in your diet. It can either be an animal protein or plant based protein.

Detangle your hair

Use the finger method or if you find that it just doesn’t do the trick, try using conditioner like Aussie Moist line which provides great slip and use a wide tooth comb to help with the detangling method. Never detangle on dry hair. This will cause breakage and split ends.

Cleansing Shampoo

Please do your scalp a favor and make it happy! A happy scalp will give you healthy hair growth and retention. Find a light moisturizing shampoo that will not strip all of the oils from your hair. I am currently using Texture ID cleansing shampoo.

Good protective practices for bedtime

Tying up your hair or wrapping it in a slick scarf or bonnet. This prevents you from waking up with tangled hair on your head.