4 Morning habits that causes bloating

4 Morning habits that causes bloating

Early in the morning, you’re likely more focused on getting up and out of the door than thinking about how you’ll feel later in the day. But the causes of bloating can stem from minor habitual mistakes, rather than any necessary larger health issues. That heavy feeling in your abdomen is often due to various causes related to your digestive system.

Bloating often occurs after eating and is not the same as water retention, it’s an excessive build-up of gas, solid and sometimes liquids in your digestive system. What you do in the morning can have a major impact on how your digestive system functions later in the day.

What are some of the things that you do in the morning that can cause bloating?

Eating on the go

Sometimes, a rushed morning means a rushed breakfast. But eating too fast can be seriously detrimental when it comes to bloating.

Rushing your breakfast can rob your body of its ability to track consumption and send signals to the brain.

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Having a carb-heavy breakfast

Eating a carb-heavy breakfast can cause bloating later in the day. Carbohydrates are difficult for your body to digest first thing in the morning, so limit your intake of carbs and focus on protein instead.

Not drinking water

Hydration is key, even early in the morning. Having a habit of rushing to work without getting at least a cup of water can make your midday bloating much worse.

Always take a glass of water to kick start your day.

Having milk in your tea

The signs of lactose intolerance can be a lot more subtle than you may think. Because of this, you may not be directly connecting your midday bloating to your afternoon coffee.

Lactose intolerance commonly affects women and is a frequent cause of bloating.