4 key ways to having a healthy relationship

4 key ways to having a healthy relationship

As we age, there is always the desire to get into relationships. Assuming that everything is working out perfectly, these relationships are expected to blossom into something long lasting and to some extent marriage.

What we never count on, is probably things not working out or it does but instead of it being something beautiful, its all tears.

I’m not saying that there are no ups and downs in relationships, there are but sometimes, it becomes unbearable.

So how do we tell if we are having healthy relationships or not with our spouses. Answering this question can helps us avoid all the physical abuse in relationship and  all the wasted time in relationships.

For you to have a healthy relationship, here are some of the things you need to pay attention to.

1. Love yourself first

One of the biggest favour that you can do yourself, is to always love yourself first.

There i no way that you are going to claim to love another person when you don’t love yourself, it always start from within. By doing this, you will be able to know what your worth is and would not be able to take any bullshit from anyone.

When you love yourself first, you will not feel intimidated by self centered and egoistical people.

2. Pay attention to warning signs

These are some bad habits that you might have noted in your partner or people that you are having a close relationship with.

Never ignore warning signs that you may have noted with the hope that the person will change. if you have seen something that you don’t like for example, the person keeps threatening to beat you, take note of that and take the necessary action. The person might actually beat you, son act before anything bad happen.

The most practical example would be, you are driving down a road then you get a warning sign that there is a sharp bend ahead, you will take all the necessary precaution to maneuver the bend safely. The same apply to relationships.

3. Be willing to work together

Two hand are stronger than one, the same apply to relationships. For you to have a beautiful relationship, you must be willing to put in the work. Good relationships don’t just happen overnight, they require time, work and sacrifice.

This must be from all the parties involved. Without that, you can as well as call it quits and get something else to do.

4. Take your time

Never rush into anything, take your sweet time before making any rushed decisions.

You may really like that man or woman but if you are feeling uncertain about an issue, hold on and give it some thoughts.

Prevention is better than cure.