4 Fullproof tips to a date-worthy profile picture

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4 Fullproof tips to a date-worthy profile picture

You are in the dating face and you probably considering to sign up on a dating site to get the perfect match. This does not have to be so boring and tedious.

The number one thing that’s going to get you your dream man is your image. First impression matters, your photo is the first thing a potential mate will see, so it’s got to be great.

Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect profile picture for your page.

  1. Look Your Best

Take the time to create a photo where your hair is styled, you’re appropriately dressed and you’re smiling. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Make sure your hair and makeup are well done and you’re wearing a simple top and tasteful accessories.

  1. Mind the background of the image

Find a simple, graffiti-free brick wall and stand a few feet in front of it. All we want to focus on is your gorgeous face.

It doesn’t have to be a wall, you can get creative with your surrounding and a get a cool background. The last thing that you need is a controversial background.

  1. Hire a pro

If you want the best result from your profile photo, go with a professional photographer. They can help you pose in a way that’s both flattering and interesting and take a variety of photos that show your serious side, your playful side, your cute side and your sexy side.

Hiring a pro gives you quality images as opposed to using your phone camera.

  1. Get comfortable

The last thing that you want is to look awkward in the picture. If you don’t know how to pose while standing, have a seat.

Feel awkward about your hands? Put them in your pockets or run them through your hair. Try four or five different poses until you get the one that feels GOOD if you have to. Don’t stress about it too much.