4 Facts about electric mobility

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4 Facts about electric mobility

Someone might  be wondering what electric mobility is all about, this is the use of electricity to power all the modes of transport apart from aeroplanes.

Sometimes back before the construction of the SGR, there had been talks of a faster train to be introduced in the country. So with all that hype about the SGR, people expected to have an electric train in the country but loo and behold, when the SGR construction was over, there was no electric train but at least what was unveiled is still fast.

As a compensation anyway we have electric cars in the country. Though not really popular, there are quite a number on the streets of Nairobi.

So what are some of the benefits of purchasing an electric car? you may wonder.

  1. Charging

Charging an electric vehicle is possible through the standard 120V or 240V AC power sockets in homes, offices or high power DC fast charger in public charging stations.

In some electric motorcycle, the battery can be removed and charged at home or exchanged for a full battery.

The charging time ranges from half an hour with the fast charger to several hours ; one can conveniently charge overnight.

The vehicles have a long lasting batteries for over 10 years.

2. Distance Covered

The distance a modern electrical vehicle can cover on a full charge ranges from 150Km to over 350 Km, this is more than sufficient to cover the average daily trips in Nairobi.

3. Environmentally

Electric cars have zero exhaust pipes emission; vehicle pollution is associated with respiratory medical cases especially in urban cases.

Zero in-use carbon emission- Carbon emission are a major source of climate change causing global heating, unpredictable weather patterns leading to drought and food insecurity, flooding which disrupts transport infrastructure.

4. Cost

Electric vehicles are cheap and easy to maintain, this is because they require less maintenance and the electricity cost is also low.

Charging your vehicle will cost you half the cost of petroleum per kilometer driven.

5. Efficiency

Electric vehicles are more efficient than conventional cars.

They convert about 90% of the energy in motion.