4 Common Sexual difficulties affecting women

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4 Common Sexual difficulties affecting women

Both men and women experience sexual difficulties at some point in their life. The most disappointing part is most people and especially women feel embarrassed to talk about this with anyone.

It is okay for sex not to feel great but it’s wrong of you not to seek help from a professional and to feel embarrassed about it. Some women do think that their role is to provide pleasure and not complain about any discomfort that they feel but that should not be the case.

Some sexual difficulties are related to unhealthy lifestyle choices and can be prevented by leading a healthy life: eating a balanced diet, exercising, not smoking and minimizing alcohol consumption.

When seeing a healthcare provider for issues, the doctor will likely ask you a lot of questions about your sexual, physical and emotional health. The diagnosis will be made a lot easier if you answer these questions as honestly and in-depth as you can even though it might feel awkward.

Some of these difficulties include;

Painful sex

Painful sex is quite common among women and can have many different causes. These causes range from having an infection to psychological trauma. If the pain is physical, it’s sometimes called dyspareunia.
Dryness and vaginism can be two very specific causes for painful intercourse.

Ideally, sex is not supposed to be painful, so if sex hurts, you should see your gynaecologist immediately. You don’t want pain standing in your way for pleasure.


Dryness is usually associated with lack of enough lubricant. There are many different causes for dryness, from being dehydrated to hormonal imbalances.

Dryness can cause sex to be uncomfortable or even painful, and, if it happens frequently, can affect the want to have sex.

Women generally also take longer than men to get aroused, so having more and longer foreplay and waiting until both partners are aroused may also help with dryness.

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No orgasms experienced

This is one major problem that most women experience. It’s sad to note that there are some women have never experienced an orgasm in their lives.

Most women tend to fake orgasm a lot and the men never seem to realize that. Orgasms can cause problems. They can either be delayed (takes a long time to orgasm), or a woman may be unable to reach an orgasm altogether.

Another cause of no arousal and lack of orgasm is that women don’t know how to get themselves to the point of orgasm. Getting to know your body, with your partner or through masturbation, can help. It’s okay to ask for your needs to be met.

Low libido

Having low libido means that you have no or almost no sexual desire. This can be either temporary or last for longer periods of time.

Low libido is often caused by psychological factors, such as not feeling good about yourself, relationship problems or fears associated with making love.

Low libido is very common. Many women experience it after giving birth. Smoking and drugs can also play a role, as can some medications.